Implementation of a community dispute resolution program

This grant provides partial funding to continue and expand the scope of dispute resolution and community decision making in Catron County, New Mexico. This is an opportunity to address the threat of potential community violence as a public health problem and offers the chance to mediate a dispute common in many of our country's rural communities--dilemmas which cut across a spectrum of broad social issues in our society. The economy, environment, education, and public health of communities are inextricably linked. The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center will accomplish the following objectives: (1) design and implement a process of community problem solving and planning around the issues of land use and management, violence prevention, and economic development; (2) develop skills and processes among Catron County residents to enable them to continue to implement plans that would achieve their long-range goals; (3) produce a broadcast quality videotape which documents the complex process of community problem solving--an issue of increasing importance to communities throughout the U.S.; and (4) disseminate the film and community planning process to other communities in the U.S. that are grappling with similar problems.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $49,594.00

Awarded on: 1/29/1996

Time frame: 2/1/1996 - 7/31/1997

Grant Number: 28412


University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center

1 University of New Mexico, MSC 09 5100
Albuquerque, 87131-0001


Benson R. Daitz
Project Director