Survey of business leaders' opinions on health care

As a result of the process of the 1994 health care reform debate and the subsequent revolution in the marketplace, business leaders are probably more aware today of health care policy issues than at any time in the recent past. For that reason, it is timely to take a snapshot of the views of business on health care and health policy in this country. Under this project, a two-part study design will be used. The first part will include a limited number of in-depth telephone interviews with business leaders to gain insights into the thinking of business "in their own words." The insights gained from these interviews will be used to inform and guide the second part of the study, which will consist of a formal, structured survey of about 900 businesses. Both survey parts will include questions on such issues as the role of business in covering the children of their employees and the role of the private sector in helping finance public coverage. A final report summarizing both parts of the study will be prepared for dissemination, as well as one or more articles for the business and health policy periodicals. In addition, ESRI will conduct a briefing on the survey results and their implications for the business press.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $150,847.00

Awarded on: 10/30/1995

Time frame: 11/1/1995 - 5/31/1996

Grant Number: 28052


Economic and Social Research Institute

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Washington, 20037-1235


Jack A. Meyer
Project Director