Regional seminars on managed care

This grant will enable the planning and production of four Socratic-style dialogues on managed care based on the Fred Friendly seminar model. These seminars will use a hypothetical case study in conjunction with a panel and moderator to explore the implications of the shift to managed care for consumers at the local level. The audience will consist of members of both the media and consumer interest groups. Panelists will constitute a mix of national and local health care experts. These seminars will build on the Foundation-funded Fred Friendly seminar, "Your Money & Your Life," which was televised on PBS September 6, 1996. It is expected that these seminars will help the local media and interested citizens better understand how managed care will affect patients and providers. This project will provide a unique educational forum to explore the nuances of managed care's impact on the local health care system, with particular emphasis on the consumer. Using the Fred Friendly-style format of Socratic dialogues, a core case study will be generated and subsequently adapted in four sites to examine a managed care issue of local importance. For example, the impact of hospital closings and mergers on a community's vulnerable population could be explored. Another example might be to select a site where the spread of managed care has threatened a city's academic medical institution and its ability to provide uncompensated care as well as train new physicians. The case study will be presented by a moderator to a panel of local and national experts in health care, business, ethics, and the insurance industry.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $296,780.00

Awarded on: 10/30/1995

Time frame: 11/1/1995 - 4/30/1996

Grant Number: 28213


Cine Information, Inc.

215 West 90th Street, Suite 9C
New York, 10024-1224


Richard Kilberg
Project Director