Conference on sustaining African-American organizations without tobacco industry support

This grant provides partial support to conduct a day-long invitational forum to be held during the November 1995 third annual conference of the National Tobacco Control and Smoking Cessation Campaign for African American Women. Approximately 150 - 175 people are expected to attend the larger conference; 25 national leaders will be invited to the divestment forum. Invited African American national leaders will be urged to focus their attention on the health of black Americans and the role they can play to achieve tobacco divestiture. This historic meeting provides the forum for the first dialogue among the African American tobacco control movement and leaders of national African American organizations to discuss tobacco issues. Twenty-five individuals will be invited from the following African American organizations: human and civil rights groups; civil and social purpose groups; educators or education associations; fraternities and sororities; and professional or trade associations. The agenda will address the need for tobacco control through divestiture and financial independence; the importance of replacement dollars and alternative revenue sources; and strategies to overcome fiscal problems which cause organizations to rely on tobacco industry support. A conference paper will be produced summarizing the results of the discussions and proposed course of action.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $59,256.00

Awarded on: 10/20/1995

Time frame: 11/1/1995 - 3/31/1997

Grant Number: 28046


Morse Enterprises, Inc.

510 Wolf Drive, 1st Floor
Silver Spring, 20904-3467


Mildred S. Morse
Project Director