Program to recruit and train farmworkers as health promoters

The Foundation's program, New Jersey Health Initiatives, was designed to support projects in New Jersey that develop new approaches to resolving the state's health care needs, focusing on the Foundation's goal areas.The purpose of this community-based project is to train farm workers to become lay health promoters. Two demographic changes have great implications for New Jersey farm workers and the agencies serving them: (1) many Mexican and Central American workers are migrating with extended family groups; and (2) more are choosing to settle in the area. A combination of things, including hazardous work, the stress of long work hours, low pay, and crowded living conditions, puts them at high risk of drug and alcohol abuse as well as other health and social problems. Volunteers will be trained to provide first aid, recognize health problems in the camps and communities, and foster preventive health activities and education. A secondary goal is to facilitate the creation of constructive community activities and methods of community problem solving.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $245,337.00

Awarded on: 9/26/1995

Time frame: 10/1/1995 - 9/30/1998

Grant Number: 27974


Community Health Care Inc.

70 Cohansey Street
Bridgeton, 08302-1918


Ricardo Ibanez
Project Director