Analysis of options to help remake the health care safety net: Part II

This contract will proceed in two phases. The first phase will consist of site visits in four major urban areas to explore the major forces affecting the viability of urban safety net providers. The site visits will be used to identify potential strategies for improving the financial stability of a core group of providers that care for underserved population. The second phase will consist of developing options for initiatives to support the "remaking" of the safety net based on the findings from the site visits. A final report will be prepared which compiles the site visit findings, discusses the implications for possible Foundation program development, and presents a series of program options. The purpose of this project is to focus on: (1) public hospitals which are often the sole hospital providers serving urban, disadvantaged areas; (2) "essential access" hospitals that include certain non-public academic medical centers and community hospitals that have traditionally served large numbers of poor and uninsured patients; (3) community and migrant health centers which often serve as the "family doctor" for underserved areas; and (4) public health departments, especially those that provide direct services to underserved populations. The analysis will examine the combined impact of reductions in funding at the federal, state and local level that affect services provided at these institutions, and Medicaid managed care and attendant market forces. Foundation staff will work closely with the contractor including participating in the on-site visits to explore program options.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $188,300.00

Awarded on: 9/26/1995

Time frame: 10/1/1995 - 3/31/1996

Grant Number: 28039


Lewin Group, Inc.

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Raymond J. Baxter
Project Director