Consumer survey for community snapshots study

The Foundation's Health Tracking initiative was designed to support efforts to understand better health system changes and how these changes affect people.The purpose of this project is to support a survey of approximately 4,500 respondents in 15 communities to document consumers' perceptions of health system changes and the potential consequences of these changes. Topics in the survey include the salience of health system change and consumers' access to care, satisfaction, confidence in the health care system, and choice of health plans and providers. The survey will be comprised primarily of questions from existing national surveys to allow for national comparisons and for timely data collection. The survey will be in the field this summer with results ready for presentation at conferences this fall. The survey will complement the Community Snapshots project by providing a consumer view of health system changes.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $179,000.00

Awarded on: 6/30/1995

Time frame: 6/8/1995 - 10/31/1995

Grant Number: 27322


Louis Harris & Associates, Inc.

111 5th Avenue
New York, 10003-1005


Humphrey Taylor
Project Director