Planning a community-wide service program for multiproblem families

The purpose of this project is to provide planning support to replicate a unique neighborhood collaborative focusing on health and safety led by the local police department in Lansing, Michigan. This planning effort will result in development of a city-wide coalition of community leaders who agree to commit resources to the effort and the identification of three additional neighborhood sites to expand the model. The Neighborhood Network Center originated as a community policing effort in a Lansing neighborhood with high crime rates. Facilitated through the leasing of a large office space in the neighborhood, the effort has now brought together a community nursing program, a community development corporation, a parent and infant program, Chapter I of the school system, a community mental health provider, and translator services in a joined effort to improve the health and safety of neighborhood residents.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $48,521.00

Awarded on: 10/27/1994

Time frame: 11/1/1994 - 10/31/1995

Grant Number: 23969


Capital Area United Way, Inc.

300 North Washington Square, Suite 201
Lansing, 48933-1285


Donald W. Christy
Project Director