Assessing the potential contribution of lawsuits in controlling tobacco risks

The Foundation's Tobacco Policy Research and Evaluation Program was designed to provide support for research and evaluation projects that will produce policy relevant information about ways to reduce tobacco use in the U.S., especially among children and youth.The purpose of this project is to draw on legal, social, and economic analysis to assess the feasibility, benefits, and costs of alternative private law strategies to enhance and upgrade control of tobacco. An examination of three private law initiatives will be conducted. These include: extension and enlargements of the product liability claims; initiatives that seek to use private law to enhance the effectiveness of prohibitory regulation; and uses of private law to re-allocate the costs of smoking.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $288,967.00

Awarded on: 10/5/1994

Time frame: 10/1/1994 - 3/31/1998

Grant Number: 24788


University of Wisconsin Law School

975 Bascom Mall
Madison, 53706-1399


Marc Galanter
Project Director