Implementation of public-private health insurance for small employers

The Foundation's program, State Coverage Initiatives, was designed to help states plan and develop insurance market reforms, Medicaid reforms, and other significant health care financing and delivery changes.Under this grant, Florida will build on the work undertaken during the Phase I grant in which the state established 11 regional Community Health Purchasing Alliances (CHPAs) and implemented small group insurance reforms. The state has also developed a subsidized health insurance program for the low-income population for which they hope to get a Medicaid waiver. Under this Phase II, the State will continue to implement the CHPAs, analyze the effect of the CHPAs on the insurance market, both inside and outside the alliance, and begin to implement the subsidized health insurance program.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,491,850.00

Awarded on: 7/25/1994

Time frame: 8/1/1994 - 10/31/2000

Grant Number: 24060


State of Florida Agency for Health Care Administration

The Atrium, Suite 301
325 John Knox Road
Tallahassee, 32303-4115

Robert Harold Sharpe
Project Director