Supportive Retirement for elderly people with developmental disabilities

The Foundation's program, New Jersey Health Initiatives, was designed to support projects in New Jersey that develop new approaches to resolving the state's health care needs, focusing on the Foundation's goal areas.Aging developmentally disabled workers, many of whom no longer have the physical capability or endurance to participate in daily work activities or job training, are electing or being required to retire from their work programs. These individuals with age-associated functional impairments, compounded by lifelong disability, become more reliant upon a range of specialized and/or aging network services. The purpose of this project is to make efficient use of existing Adult Daycare programs in Warren County by designing a program to integrate older developmentally disabled persons with other elderly. An optional work component will be offered to ease the transition, and an individual plan of care will be structured upon entering. Linkages with services and agencies, such as Visiting Homemakers, Public Health Nurses, etc., will be utilized as needed. It is expected that these programs will prevent or delay admission into nursing homes. An affiliation agreement with Abilities of Northwest Jersey, Inc., a nonprofit providing vocational rehabilitation to physically and developmentally disabled persons, will provide technical assistance, training, and client referrals.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $188,335.00

Awarded on: 5/25/1994

Time frame: 6/1/1994 - 8/31/1996

Grant Number: 24125


Kresfield Adult Social Daycare Center, Inc.

29 Willow Street
Washington, 07882-2113

Janet Christine Kresge
Project Director