Injury Free Coalition for Kids: Dissemination of a Model Injury Prevention Program for Children and Adolescents

The Foundation's program, Injury Free Coalition for Kids: Dissemination of a Model Injury Prevention Program For Children and Adolescents, was designed to reduce and prevent injuries to children through a hospital-based, research-driven model, implemented in partnership with coalitions of community stakeholders.The purpose of this project is to enable Harlem Hospital to accelerate dissemination of their successful pilot project that reduced the number of trauma-related hospital admissions of Central Harlem children and youth by 41 percent to other cities across the country. The strategy to disseminate this model project will focus on the development of five regional centerpiece projects in cities with high childhood injury rates. The projects will be strategically located in high-risk urban communities across the country in order to enhance further opportunities for dissemination. The program strategy will have three major elements: (1) technical assistance; (2) start-up grants for at least five regional centerpiece projects; and (3) active dissemination of both the Harlem project and the newly emerging models. It is hoped that this project will serve as a model of how additional cities can build the capacity to develop an organized cooperative effort to reduce childhood injuries.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,143,657.00

Awarded on: 4/21/1994

Time frame: 6/1/1994 - 6/30/1998

Grant Number: 23514


Columbia University, Harlem Hospital Center

506 Lenox Avenue
New York, 10037-1889


Barbara A. Barlow
Project Director