Free to Grow: Head Start Partnerships to Promote Substance-Free Communities

The Foundation's program, Free To Grow: Head Start Partnerships to Promote Substance-Free Communities, was designed to support selected Head Start agencies to adapt and evaluate innovative substance abuse prevention models that aim to strengthen a young child's environment, specifically the family and community.The purpose of this project is to develop and pilot test a prevention approach for strengthening neighborhoods and families by establishing and nurturing a Neighborhood Family Council modeled on the Head Start Policy Council. Families in the targeted neighborhood who have children currently enrolled in Head Start, as well as those likely to enroll soon, and those who are transitioning to public school, will be supported to form the Council along with community groups and organizations to plan and implement action to make the neighborhood safer, less chaotic, and substance-free. Free to Grow staff will also provide support and advocacy to targeted families for needed services, particularly substance abuse treatment. Key partners are the McMasters Treatment Center, part of the County Health Department, and a community center located in the neighborhood. CPCD serves a large county combining a rural area and a small, isolated city.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $303,689.00

Awarded on: 4/27/1994

Time frame: 5/1/1994 - 4/30/1996

Grant Number: 24234


Community Partnership for Child Development

2330 Robinson Street
Colorado Springs, 80904-3752


Terry Schwartz
Project Director