Health care reform project

The purpose of this project is to help educate America's youth (16-24) about the current health care system, its costs, the reform discussions taking place nationally, and the role of behaviorally linked health problems such as substance abuse and AIDS in increasing health costs. Youth will be encouraged to become actively involved in taking responsibility for their own health and health system, including becoming informed and participating in the nation's discussions on health care reform. Building on their Peabody Award-winning campaign to encourage young people to participate in American democracy through voting, Rock the Vote will team with three major, youth-oriented TV networks (Fox, MTV, and Black Entertainment Television), to produce an education campaign with three components: three televised specials, public service announcements, and a written guide. A research and health expert advisory component is included in the project. This media outreach and education effort will engage young people in understanding: the health care system today; the probable future costs of the system; the reform proposals proposed; their roles as health care consumers; that health care reform matters to them; and that it is important for them to get involved.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $2,893,600.00

Awarded on: 1/27/1994

Time frame: 3/15/1994 - 8/14/1995

Grant Number: 23792


Rock the Vote Education Fund

10950 Washington Boulevard, #240
Culver City, 90232-4025


Ricki Seidman
Project Director