Old Disease, New Challenge: Tuberculosis in the 1990s

The Foundation's program, Old Disease, New Challenge: Tuberculosis in the 1990s, was designed to stimulate effective collaborations between state and health departments and other public and private agencies serving people at risk of tuberculosis exposure and infection to develop and test new approaches to the problem of tuberculosis.This is one of five grants awarded under the Foundation's Old Disease, New Challenge: Tuberculosis in the 1990s Program. The purpose of this project is to identify, control, and treat the incidence of TB in the east coast migrant and seasonal farm workers living and working in northeast and south Florida. As the migrant farm workers migrate to North Carolina, Delaware, and Virginia, the exposed and infected TB workers will be followed. Collaborators in this project will include seven county public health units in Florida: St. Vincent Occupational Health Network, Redlands Christian Migrant Association, East Coast Migrant Health Project, the Glades Area Migrant Housing Coalition, the American Lung Association, and the Family Medical and Dental Community Health Center in Putnam and St. Johns County.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $1,154,315.00

Awarded on: 12/17/1993

Time frame: 1/1/1994 - 12/31/1997

Grant Number: 23611


State of Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services

Tallahassee, 32399-0700

Cheryll D. Lesneski
Project Director