Public education campaign on the benefits of taxes on tobacco products

A substantial increase in the price of tobacco products through increases in excise taxes could be one of the most important policy actions to improve public health in this country. Numerous studies indicate that taxes reduce tobacco consumption, with an average decline of 4 percent for every 10 percent increase in price. As the prospects for an excise tax on tobacco are discussed, there is a need for clear, accurate information about the benefits of such taxes to be presented to the American people. This grant enables the American Cancer Society to establish a Tobacco Tax Education Project with the purpose of informing the national discussions about the health benefits of a potential tobacco excise tax. Under this project, the American Cancer Society will undertake a multifaceted campaign designed to educate American people about the health benefits of excise taxes on tobacco. The project will include preparing educational materials, training of spokes people, and obtaining information to support arguments that demonstrate the benefits. The American Cancer Society will integrate this project into its ongoing activities to reduce smoking.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $400,373.00

Awarded on: 10/12/1993

Time frame: 11/1/1993 - 2/28/1995

Grant Number: 22810


American Cancer Society Inc.

250 Williams Street, N.W.
Atlanta, 30303-1032


John L. Bloom
Project Director