Study of U.S./Canadian differences in use and costs of physician services

The United States and Canada are both facing increasing tension as they search for strategies to address the central problem of providing high quality health care at an affordable cost. The rapid growth in physician expenditures has been a major contributor to health care cost inflation in the U.S., while Canada has substantially lower health care expenditures with no apparent adverse effects of health outcomes. This project will compare utilization rates of physician services under Medicare with the utilization rates for the same population groups in the three largest provinces of Canada. By comparing in detail the use of primary care services and more high-technology services, the project will pinpoint what Canadians are "giving up," if anything, to live within a lower health care budget. Canada's ongoing experience with the implementation and modification of centralized controls will provide invaluable lessons for the U.S. as it makes choices about the future situation of its health care system.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $426,509.00

Awarded on: 6/28/1993

Time frame: 7/1/1993 - 12/31/1995

Grant Number: 21243


Urban Institute

2100 M Street, N.W.
Washington, 20037-1207


W. Peter Welch
Project Director