Program to instruct youth sports coaches in substance abuse issues

This grant provides support for two related but distinct program strategies. The first strategy will extend to five major cities a model "All American Drug-Free Team Program" which was designed by National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) and targeted for youth living in vulnerable circumstances. Interventions include: (1) training volunteers who coach youth living in center cities about prevention, identification, and referral; (2) NYSCA coaches certification program; (3) modifying the physical environment where youth sports are played; and (4) expanding the role of youth sports coaches to one of mentor and role model for his/her team members. The second strategy is designed to strengthen the training of coaches regarding tobacco, steroids, and the HIV positive athlete and thereby positively influencing a large portion of the youth-in-sports population. Interventions include: (1) providing workshops for state directors; (2) developing training material on tobacco, steroids, and issues surrounding the HIV positive athlete; (3) providing statewide training sessions for district coordinators; and (4) revising NYSCAs National Standards for Youth Sports to include guidelines regarding tobacco use.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $598,607.00

Awarded on: 4/22/1993

Time frame: 6/1/1993 - 5/31/1996

Grant Number: 21206


National Youth Sports Coaches Association

2050 Vista Parkway
West Palm Beach, 33411-2718

Carol Van Reenan
Project Director