Nurse-midwifery and nurse-practitioner faculty development project

Under this grant, the grantee will establish and implement a nine-month faculty development program to prepare certified nurse midwife and nurse practitioner clinicians for clinical and classroom teaching in the Northeast region (Maine to Virginia, and west to Michigan/Ohio). The program will prepare a total of 80 faculty to graduate from three classes through the use of workshops at the University of Pennsylvania, work at the community-based schools, and the use of local "mentor teachers." The use of computer and modem connections will be implemented to link the mentors to the University of Pennsylvania faculty.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $392,418.00

Awarded on: 3/30/1993

Time frame: 4/1/1993 - 11/30/1996

Grant Number: 20393


University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Fagan Hall
418 Curie Boulevard
Philadelphia, 19104-4217


Joyce E. Thompson
Project Director