Technical assistance and direction for RWJF's Faith in Action program

The Foundation's Faith in Action: Replication of The Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Program was designed to help support the establishment of approximately 1,100 interfaith volunteer caregiver projects for all ages with chronic health conditions.It is anticipated that thousands of interested applicants will seek technical assistance under the Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Replication Program, and from the large pool of applicants, 1,000 grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to provide start-up funding. The size of the program demands high levels of efficiency in providing information, meeting requests for technical assistance, and tracking applications from their receipt through the review process to the selection process. This grant provides support for continued technical assistance and direction for the Program.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $956,712.00

Awarded on: 1/28/1993

Time frame: 2/15/1993 - 1/31/1994

Grant Number: 21461


Kingston Hospital

368 Broadway, Suite 104
Kingston, 12402-2290

Kenneth G. Johnson
Project Director