Survey of families in nine states on health care financing reform

The Foundation's program, State Coverage Initiatives, was designed to help states plan and develop insurance market reforms, Medicaid reforms, and other significant health care financing and delivery changes.This program contract is supports a survey of families in nine states to provide vital information to projects supported under the State Coverage Initiatives. The survey will be used to: (1) analyze the expected effects of the states' proposed reforms on health care use and costs; (2) form the baseline from which future evaluation of the effectiveness of reforms could be gauged; and (3) enable cross-state analysis of national health policy reform options affecting the states. In each of the 9 states, approximately 2,300 interviews will be completed by telephone and in person. Information will be collected on family characteristics, income, health insurance, health care access and use, and health status. Data will be delivered during 1993 to the nine states and public use data will be released in 1994 for analysis by others.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $2,204,444.00

Awarded on: 1/27/1993

Time frame: 2/1/1993 - 4/30/1994

Grant Number: 54825


Mathematica Policy Research, Inc.

600 Alexander Park
P.O. Box 2393
Princeton, 08543-2393


Richard C. Strouse
Project Director