Follow-up and dissemination of the Medical Malpractice Program

The Foundation's Medical Malpractice Program was designed to call attention to the gravity of the current problems related to medical malpractice and to support efforts to alleviate these problems.Under this project, technical assistance will be provided to several projects supported under the Medical Malpractice Program, and findings from late-finishing projects will be disseminated. A synthesis will be prepared containing major findings from studies supported under the Program. Most of the projects supported under the Medical Malpractice Program have been completed, and findings have been published in over 100 journal articles, books, and reports. However, findings from several of the projects were not fully disseminated, and the field could benefit from further synthesis of the major findings.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $18,884.00

Awarded on: 7/23/1992

Time frame: 9/1/1992 - 5/15/1993

Grant Number: 20563


University of Virginia Law School Foundation

P.O. Box 400405
Charlottesville, 22904-4405


Walter J. Wadlington
Project Director