Developing a comprehensive health insurance reform plan

The Foundation's program, State Coverage Initiatives, was designed to help states plan and develop insurance market reforms, Medicaid reforms, and other significant health care financing and delivery changesThis grant provides support to establish a state insurance plan for the uninsured, called HealthRight. Premiums will be subsidized for low-income families through taxes on health care providers and an increase in the cigarette tax. At the same time, the state will undertake reforms in the small group insurance market. The state will establish a state Health Care Commission charged with implementing cost containment measures including setting targets for reducing overall expenditures, limiting the spread of costly new technologies, and developing a uniform claims processing and billing system. Under phase one, the grantee will begin access expansions, develop data systems, and refine cost containment strategies.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $891,591.00

Awarded on: 7/28/1992

Time frame: 9/1/1992 - 3/15/1996

Grant Number: 20675


State of Minnesota Department of Health

P.O. Box 64975
Saint Paul, 55164-0975


Lynn A. Blewett
Project Director