Study of the declining supply of rural physicians

The purpose of this project is to examine the availability and practice characteristics of physicians working in severely medically underserved areas, and to identify related implications for access to basic health care. It is expected that this study will spotlight growing problems of access in rural areas, and will help to identify means of improving access in these areas. The study will be conducted in two phases: (1) analyses of existing national data will be used to classify rural areas according to their degree of underservice; and (2) a survey of physicians from the various types of underserved areas will be conducted, and a small comparison sample on non-underserved areas will be included. Physicians from the most underserved areas and younger physicians will be over-sampled. The survey will be conducted through a mail questionnaire with telephone follow-up, and physician responses will be linked with data from the federal Medicare program. Both the typology of underserved areas and analytic findings will be published in the health policy literature. Findings will also be made available to grantees under the Foundation's State Primary Care Provider Initiative.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $319,093.00

Awarded on: 4/16/1992

Time frame: 6/1/1992 - 12/31/1995

Grant Number: 20001


Project Hope - The People-to-People Health Foundation, Inc.

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Curt D. Mueller
Project Director