Recruiting American Bar Association members for community anti-drug coalitions

This grant supports the planning and start-up of an American Bar Association (ABA) initiative that recruits ABA members to develop and enhance community anti-drug coalitions. The members will volunteer to participate in collecting, assessing, and disseminating local policies and programs that could be used nationally, and will develop new programs in their local areas as needed. Funds will be used to support: (1) project administration, including office expenses, and data processing; (2) consultants; (3) travel costs; and (4) the production of a resource directory and videotape to be distributed to the organized bar and outside organizations. Project staff will provide technical assistance to local bar associations by developing a network to recruit and educate volunteer attorneys for the anti-drug coalitions and will supply information on successful programs and how to replicate them. Various components of the project will then be integrated within the existing ABA entities.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $197,094.00

Awarded on: 4/16/1992

Time frame: 6/1/1992 - 4/30/1994

Grant Number: 19838


American Bar Association Fund for Justice and Education

321 North Clark Street
Chicago, 60610-4772


Gloria H. Danziger
Project Director


John P. Driscoll
Project Director