Conference on the political dynamics of health care reform

This grant supports a conference in which a diverse set of social scientists will discuss the political dynamics that underlie the current debate over national health care reform. A secondary purpose will be to integrate these prominent social scientists, many of whom have not worked on health care issues, into the health policy debate. These new participants, hopefully, will bring fresh perspectives to the field. The conference will examine the following issues: (1) What lessons could policymakers learn from reform efforts of the past, such as the passage of Medicare in 1965 and the failure of the national health insurance legislation in 1974? (2) Which political forces really matter in creating major systemic changes in the American health care system and how should we interpret the role of public opinion, state-level reforms, and regulatory policies, among other factors? (3) What is new, and what is simply recycled, about current reform proposals, and how has the political environment, with its diverse institutional biases, affected the political prospects for the various proposals? Papers emerging from the conference will first be published in a special issue of the "Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law," and then published in book form by Duke University Press.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $48,871.00

Awarded on: 4/16/1992

Time frame: 4/1/1992 - 6/30/1993

Grant Number: 19777


Brown University Warren Alpert Medical School

Box G-A
Providence, 02912-0001


James A. Morone
Project Director