Information for State Health Policy Program (Phase 1)

The Foundation's Information for State Health Policy was designed to improve the capacity of state health statistics systems to support health policy making and program management.Under this Phase I planning grant, the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management will: (1) conduct a comprehensive review of the State's information needs for health policy development and program management; (2) set priorities among those needs; and (3) work with an interagency working group to establish plans for meeting the needs identified. The State of Connecticut will submit to the Foundation a report on planning activities and a detailed proposal for the implementation of a specific data system enhancement project to address the State's highest priority policy concern(s). It is anticipated that mechanisms thus established to link data systems development to policy and program needs will be sustained once Foundation support has ended, and could serve as models for other health policy areas and for other states. In addition, projects conducted under this Program will improve state-level data available to the Foundation for its program development and grant making activities in all goal areas.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $149,988.00

Awarded on: 1/23/1992

Time frame: 3/1/1992 - 11/30/1993

Grant Number: 19742


State of Connecticut, Office of Policy and Management

MS#55SEC, 450 Capitol Avenue
P.O. Box 341441
Hartford, 06134-1441

Leonard F. D'Amico
Project Director