Public television series on New Jersey health care issues

This grant supports three one-hour television programs examining health issues of national consequence and how they are being addressed in New Jersey. The series will attempt to deal with: (1) access, including the effects of escalating costs and lack of insurance; (2) chronic illness and long-term care, including the needs of people with AIDS; and (3) potential for preventing damaging health behaviors, including use of addictive substances through a casebook approach centered on the actual experience of New Jersey residents. The series will be produced by CAUCUS:NEW JERSEY, a public affairs program unit of the Graduate Department of Public Administration, Rutgers University. CAUCUS is a 5-year old program that has won several state and regional awards and that has, to date, attracted funding from 16 New Jersey-based corporations and 5 foundations. The series will be aired over both WNET (N.Y.) and NJN (Trenton). Producer/anchor of CAUCUS is Steve Adubato, Jr., a member of the Rutgers faculty, a former New Jersey legislator and a syndicated print columnist in the state. This series will serve to confirm Foundation goals in New Jersey and will be expected to serve as a model for how other state PBS-related broadcasting resources can attract public attention to a state's response to national health issues.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $43,105.00

Awarded on: 12/23/1991

Time frame: 2/1/1992 - 2/28/1993

Grant Number: 18985


Stephen N. Adubato
Project Director