Way to Grow: A child health service system promoting school readiness

The Foundation's initiative, Improving Child Health Services: Removing Categorical Barriers to Care, was designed to determine the feasibility of stimulating structural changes in how health services for children are financed and delivered. The Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, working with five other key partners, will build upon a number of prior city and state data collection efforts to develop a single comprehensive report on the health needs of children as well as enhance the Success by Six/Way to Grow initiative. Project staff will also develop a specific child health surveillance effort to monitor the target population (children 0-6 in three communities as well as 300 preschool foster children). The flexible financing strategy of the project has three major components: (1) to work with the state government staff to implement a specific EPSDT service structure for foster care children; (2) develop a community planning process to create a pool of resources; and (3) to work with a national consulting firm to increase federal funding participation in existing programs and services through an examination of refinancing opportunities.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $498,295.00

Awarded on: 10/24/1991

Time frame: 12/1/1991 - 12/31/1996

Grant Number: 19222


Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board

1220 7th Avenue North
Minneapolis, 55411-3956

Jamie Halpern
Project Director