Project to address conflicts in maternal-child health policy

This grant provides partial support for policy analysis and information dissemination about conflicting maternal-child health issues such as HIV/AIDS, perinatal mortality, and maternal substance abuse. Information will be collected at five sites from existing reports, policies and laws and from interviews with providers, policymakers and clients. A written report will summarize the information to describe existing policies and programs, identify area of conflict, and offer program and policy recommendations. Ford Foundation support will be used to disseminate the information and conclusions to providers and policymakers through meetings, conferences, publications and consultations.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $413,592.00

Awarded on: 7/25/1991

Time frame: 9/1/1991 - 8/31/1994

Grant Number: 18325


Brigham and Women's Hospital

75 Francis Street
Boston, 02115-6110


Wendy Chavkin
Project Director


Paul H. Wise
Project Director