A strategy for child health

The Foundation's initiative, Improving Child Health Services: Removing Categorical Barriers to Care, was designed to determine the feasibility of stimulating structural changes in how health services for children are financed and delivered. Under this grant, the Seattle/King County Department of Public Health will work with community health centers, private physicians, hospitals, the Seattle school district and mental health substance abuse and child welfare agencies to build on a series of major public health financing expansions in the state. The project plans to produce a comprehensive report on the health needs of its children, integrating four existing related data collection efforts within the first year and to then develop an organized system of care coordination services for children in the target communities. Funding streams have been identified for decategorization and integration to meet capital and service delivery needs with related financing strategies designed to increase flexibility of services to children. The target population for this project are the 20,000 children under the age of 18 with family incomes below 200 percent of poverty living in central and southeast Seattle. This is one of four sites under the initial authorization for the Foundation's Child Health Services Initiative.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $498,026.00

Awarded on: 7/25/1991

Time frame: 9/1/1991 - 8/31/1995

Grant Number: 18715


Seattle-King County Department of Public Health

401 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1300
Seattle, 98104-1823


Alonzo L. Plough
Project Director