Planning for program to aid community substance abuse initiatives

This grant supports Dr. Rosenbloom in developing a detailed design, workplan, timetable, and budget for a program to support and monitor community substance abuse initiatives around the country. During the planning period, Dr. Rosenbloom will meet with community leaders, federal agency staff, Foundation staff, and Fighting Back program and evaluation personnel to determine how such a program could best meet the needs of these community initiatives. The end product will be a formal three-year program proposal to be submitted to the Foundation by May 30, 1991. From June 1 to August 31, Dr. Rosenbloom will complete program implementation planning so that the program will be ready to start on September l, 1991.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $44,809.00

Awarded on: 4/3/1991

Time frame: 4/3/1991 - 9/2/1991

Grant Number: 18312


Community Medical Alliance

73 Tremont Street, #306
Boston, 02108-3901

David L. Rosenbloom
Project Director