Integrated child health services system

The Foundation's initiative, Improving Child Health Services: Removing Categorical Barriers to Care, was designed to determine the feasibility of stimulating structural changes in how health services for children are financed and delivered. This is one of four projects addressing the issue of improving child health services through removal of categorical barriers to care. Key elements of each project are: (1) a single comprehensive report on the health needs of the communities' children; (2) development of a flexible financing mechanism through the decategorization of existing financing streams; and (3) a care coordination service. This partnership effort (Child Abuse Council of Sacramento and the county health department) will build on the Children's Agenda for the development of the single comprehensive report on child health with the health department leading the development of flexible financing and care coordination components. The target population for this project are 1,200 children enrolled in the voluntary family maintenance program (those identified at high-risk for abuse or neglect). Recent legislation providing some flexibility of financing child health, new state government leadership and strong leadership at the local level may mitigate historic rigidity towards flexible financing strategies.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $496,539.00

Awarded on: 4/18/1991

Time frame: 7/1/1991 - 7/31/1993

Grant Number: 18146


Child Abuse Council of Sacramento

1808 Tribute Road, Suite E
Sacramento, 95815-4312

Marie E. Marsh
Project Director