Improving home environments for Alzheimer's patients

The purpose of this project is to assess systematically home modifications that have been made by families caring for a member with dementia that have proved useful in fostering autonomy while helping to ensure safety. The results will be provided in a manual for caregivers. The project will identify unmet needs and develop design criteria for use by manufacturers. This information will be provided as a design specifications report for manufacturers. To accomplish this, interviews will be conducted with 80 caregivers living in houses or apartments in urban, suburban and rural areas, who are taking care of family members in different stages of the disease, and for varying periods of time to ascertain: (1) current approaches used to adapt the home environment; (2) how adaptations work in response to specific behavioral problems; and (3) patterns of modifications related to the different interior or exterior conditions, locale, housing type, stage of the disease, and resources available. Information will be analyzed and developed to produce and disseminate the caregivers' manual and the design specification report for manufacturers.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $107,873.00

Awarded on: 4/18/1991

Time frame: 6/1/1991 - 11/30/1993

Grant Number: 18089


Foundation at New Jersey Institute of Technology

323 Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard
Newark, 07102-1824


Richard V. Olsen
Project Director