Comparison of the cost of hospital care in the U.S. and Canada

The purpose of this project is to analyze and compare differences in costs per hospital admission between the United States and Canada. The study will examine the factors contributing to the differences in cost at three levels: (1) U.S. hospitals compared to Canadian hospitals; (2) California hospitals compared to Ontario hospitals; and (3) a university hospital and a community hospital in California compared to similar institutions in Ontario. It is expected that the results will provide policymakers with insights as to the desirability and feasibility of adapting potential cost-saving aspects of the Canadian hospital model in the U.S. At least one major paper is expected to be prepared for publication in either JAMA or NEJM.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $43,572.00

Awarded on: 4/18/1991

Time frame: 6/1/1991 - 5/31/1992

Grant Number: 18053


National Bureau of Economic Research Inc.

1050 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, 02138-5398


Victor R. Fuchs
Project Director