Strengthening Hospital Nursing: A Program to Improve Patient Care

The Program, Strengthening Hospital Nursing: A Program to Improve Patient Care, jointly funded with Pew Charitable Trusts, was designed to encourage hospitals to undertake institution-wide restructuring in order to provide better patient care by improving nursing services.Abbott-Northwestern Hospital is a private, urban, teaching hospital with 962 beds. The goal is to change the hospital and its relationship with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to improve the quality, service, and value of health care. To reach goals, local efforts include training and other assistance to address needs and build skills in identified methodology. Medical/ Surgical Intensive Care will develop a case manager role for balancing cost and quality in managed care environment with anticipated outcomes of shorter lengths of stay, increased MD patient family satisfaction and reduced turnover due to increased nurse satisfaction. The Professional Practice Council will decentralize orientation to a unit with project outcomes to increase staff satisfaction and competency; decrease orientation time; and develop clinical ladders. The Telemetry Unit expects to redesign admission process and provide more patient centered environment responsive to changing sensory needs of the elderly. The Emergency Department will provide for prompt services and treatment for all patients and provide after-hour starter medication to patients in ED.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $457,014.00

Awarded on: 10/25/1990

Time frame: 11/1/1990 - 1/30/1993

Grant Number: 17513


Abbott-Northwestern Hospital, Inc.

800 East 28th Street
Minneapolis, 55407-3723


Virginia Malone
Project Director