Improving Service Systems for People with Disabilities

The Foundation's program, Improving Service Systems for People with Disabilities, was designed to strengthen the capacity of community-based agencies run by and for people with physical disabilities to create comprehensive systems of services for this population.Under this grant, Ability Resources will undertake the planning necessary to: (1) develop a managed care relationship with an existing HMO; (2) develop and operate a transitional living center; (3) develop an array of related technical assistance and consultation services; and (4) expand the delivery of services beyond the Tulsa area to a multi-county rural area surrounding the established center. The Year I products will include a market or needs assessment and an implementation plan.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $100,000.00

Awarded on: 10/25/1990

Time frame: 12/1/1990 - 1/31/1992

Grant Number: 17462


Ability Resources

101 South Hartford Avenue, Suite 115
Tulsa, 74120-1419

William E. Bendure
Project Director