Improving the Quality of Hospital Care

The Foundation's program, Improving the Quality of Hospital Care, was designed to help individual hospitals develop the means to identify and address problems in the quality of patient care.This is a grant to develop a consortium of six not-for-profit hospitals in Indiana, tied together by their relationship to the Tri-State Voluntary Hospital Association (VHA). A resource center will be developed and located within the VHA. The project objectives are: (1) establish a resource center; (2) educate all levels of health care professionals and board members within each consortium member's hospital on the concepts of quality assurance and improvement; (3) identify pilot projects and focused studies; and (4) incorporate current quality assurance activities into the resource center/QIP process. The expected outcomes are: (1) a viable consortium with a resource center which operates to meet the needs of the member hospitals; and (2) a plan for the consortium members to work collectively and individually to improve quality of care.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $223,165.00

Awarded on: 7/26/1990

Time frame: 8/1/1990 - 2/29/1992

Grant Number: 17159


Community Hospital of Indiana, Inc.

1500 North Ritter Avenue
Indianapolis, 46219-3095

Johanna Shamp
Project Director