Faculty Fellowships in Health Care Finance - William R. Koprowski, Ph.D.

The Foundation's Faculty Fellowships in Health Care Finance program was designed to permit selected university faculty to enhance their research ability and expertise in the area of health care finance.The goal of this project is to research institutional determinants in out-of-court settlement offers by hospital defense counsel. Since 90 percent of all malpractice claims are settled out-of-court, to implement a national health policy that effectively responds to the malpractice issue it is important to understand the evaluation of risk by both plaintiff and defendant. This could be useful in the design of a malpractice fee schedule, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution. The primary objectives are: (1) survey defense counsels in 68 South Carolina hospitals regarding expected behavior in response to hypothetical claims; and (2) develop a model to explicate plaintiff and defendant evaluations of risk.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $14,911.00

Awarded on: 7/26/1990

Time frame: 9/1/1990 - 6/30/1992

Grant Number: 17052


Medical University of South Carolina

Colcock Hall
179 Ashley Avenue
Charleston, 29425-0010


William R. Koprowski
Project Director