Conference on historically black medical schools

This conference will bring together representatives of several foundations, government officials, AAMC officers, and leaders of the four historically black medical schools to consider the schools' special problems and priorities. A background paper will be prepared by Ruth Hanft and colleagues at George Washington University that will examine the current financing of these four schools. Staff of the AAMC also will prepare a document on the schools' current funding priorities and interests. The conference will examine such questions as: (1) what are the similarities and differences among the four schools? and (2) what particular role should the historically black medical schools play in American medical education as we approach the year 2000? This conference could increase the awareness of these schools' special needs and roles among both private and public sector funding agencies.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $26,195.00

Awarded on: 7/24/1990

Time frame: 8/1/1990 - 3/31/1992

Grant Number: 15979


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