Technical assistance and direction for RWJF's Improving Child Health Services program

This program contract supports technical assistance for the initiative, Improving Child Health Services: Removing Categorical Barriers to Care. Under this contract, Steven C. Joseph, M.D., formerly the Commissioner of Health for New York City, will assist Foundation staff in implementing this initiative for a one-year period. Dr. Joseph will: (1) assist Foundation staff in identifying potential sites for this initiative; (2) help obtain additional information about the communities invited to submit proposals; (3) provide technical assistance to communities during the proposal development process; (4) participate in the two-day site visits for the purpose of selecting the sites to be recommended for funding; (5) provide technical assistance to sites awarded grants; and (6) assist Foundation staff in the preliminary planning of three workshops designed to assist projects awarded grants.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $50,000.00

Awarded on: 5/1/1990

Time frame: 5/1/1990 - 4/30/1991

Grant Number: 54743


Stephen C. Joseph, MD

141 West 85th Street
New York, 10024-4431

Stephen C. Joseph
Project Director