Healthy Futures Program

The Foundation's Healthy Future's program was designed to help Southern states reduce their high rate of infant mortality by systematically improving health care for pregnant women and their infants.This is one of six Phase II grants under the Healthy Futures Program. The major objective for Alabama is to reduce the infant mortality rate to no more than 9.0 per 1000 in 1992. During Phase II, the grantees plan to assess the effectiveness of the outreach and marketing campaign and make necessary improvements; expand use of the prenatal record and risk referral tool; and enhance and coordinate available services to improve the perinatal system of care (through removal of systematic barriers). The Alabama Medicaid Agency and Department of Public Health continue their commitment to and support for this project and the continuation funding strategy is a strong one.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $461,207.00

Awarded on: 4/19/1990

Time frame: 7/1/1990 - 6/30/1993

Grant Number: 16603


Alabama State Health Department

434 Monroe Street
Montgomery, 36130-1701

Saundra Ivey
Project Director