Primary health care clinic for women and children in Lawrence County

The Foundation's Community Care Funding Partners Program is an eight-year matching grant program designed to encourage community and regional corporations and foundations to support small-scale local health centers serving the medically indigent.This grant is for matched funding under the Community Care Funding Partners Program. The Community Maternal and Well Baby Clinic provides primary health care to medically indigent families in Lawrence County, Indiana. The clinic is staffed with a Family Practice MD who provides backup services for the nurse practitioner, a social worker and a nutritionist. Clinic services include prenatal and family planning care for adolescent and adult women and complete pediatric care for children. It is the only facility in the county providing these services to low-income families. Clinic enrollment is anticipated at 800 patients the first year with expansion to 2,300 by year 8. Dunn Memorial Hospital provides clinic space, insurance and some support services. The funding match has been made by Dunn Memorial Hospital Foundation and community organizations, churches and businesses. Some state funding has been obtained.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $168,433.00

Awarded on: 5/12/1988

Time frame: 10/1/1988 - 9/30/1994

Grant Number: 10657


Dunn Memorial Hospital

Judith Berndt-Johnson
Project Director