Development & implementation of mental health preceptor program for nurses

The Foundation's Mental Health Services Development Program was designed to support state and local efforts designed to assure the availability of a broad range of health and other services for the chronically mentally ill.The main objective of this project is to provide mental health training to 36 nurses in rural Alaskan communities. To achieve this goal, the grantee will: (1) develop a training curriculum in consultation with faculty at Providence Hospital; and (2) bring nurses to Providence (an urban referral hospital) for two weeks of clinical skills development using the mental health unit and emergency room, and involvement in group and individual therapy with emphasis on transcultural care and patients' rights. In addition to skill development, the nurses will become an important link in the statewide network of mental health professionals upon whom they will rely for consultation and back-up. Because rural Alaska is remote and inaccessible, the need for "on-site" specialized care is essential. The incidence of mental health problems is increasing rapidly in these areas and this program will seek to provide treatment to clients in their communities and general hospitals rather than admitting them to the one state hospital in Alaska, which is not only more expensive, but also takes them away from their families and familiar surroundings. The program hopes to develop a timely and cost-effective model of mental health care which could be used in other rural areas of the U.S.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $60,811.00

Awarded on: 5/12/1988

Time frame: 7/1/1988 - 6/30/1991

Grant Number: 13537


Providence Health Care Foundation

P. O. Box 196604
Anchorage, 99519-6604


Amy Chaffin
Project Director