Program to Promote Long-Term Care Insurance for the Elderly

The Foundation's Program to Promote Long-Term Care Insurance for the Elderly was designed to stimulate private/public partnerships at the state level for the development of long-term care insurance for the elderly.This is a planning grant to design a model for public/private initiative in long-term care insurance consistent with legislation already enacted by the State of Indiana. The grant funds will be used to help finance research, data collection, and data analysis; to revise and refine the model; for the coordination of public/private task force activities; and to build support for the initiative. The principal objective of this grant is to develop a fundable proposal for a demonstration program. A secondary objective will be to produce, in publishable form, long-term care utilization and cost data and projections about future utilization and costs for the State of Indiana.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $344,785.00

Awarded on: 12/3/1987

Time frame: 1/1/1988 - 10/31/1990

Grant Number: 12871


State of Indiana, State Budget Agency

P.O. Box 7083
Indianapolis, 46204-7083

Carol Cowgill Kramer
Project Director