Program to develop emergency medical services for children in rural areas

This project's primary objective is to support the development of a model system of emergency medical services (EMS) for children in rural and remote communities in Northern California. REI's strategy is to work collaboratively with the Northern Sierra Hospital Council, the Northern California Regional EMS Agency, and local providers in three counties to improve substantially the capacity of the existing adult-oriented EMS system to respond to pediatric emergencies. Specific activities will include the development of minimum standards for the delivery of emergency medical care for children, the development of training materials and provision of training to hospital staff and EMS providers, the development of transfer and consult agreements with children's hospitals and other facilities providing pediatric intensive care, formalization of transport arrangements with both air and ground carriers, and the development of cooperative purchasing arrangements for the acquisition of appropriate pediatric equipment and supplies. It is expected that substantial progress will be made under this project in improving the capacity of this large EMS system to respond to pediatric emergencies and that standards, training materials, and other products of this project will be of value to other rural areas.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $220,064.00

Awarded on: 10/1/1987

Time frame: 10/1/1987 - 1/31/1989

Grant Number: 11804


Research and Education Institute, Inc.

1000 West Carson Street
P.O. Box 14
Torrance, 90509-0014

James S. Seidel
Project Director