School-Based Adolescent Health Care Program (Northern & Northwestern H.S.)

The Foundation's School-Based Adolescent Health Care Program was designed to strengthen the capacity of communities and families to meet the multiple health and health-related needs of adolescents by utilizing local public secondary schools as a principal locus of care.This is a first-phase grant awarded under the 19-site national program to provide comprehensive health services to the 1,066 adolescents at Northern High School and 1,991 students at Northwestern High School, by establishing clinics at both schools. The clinics will be staffed by two full-time NPs, a social worker, LPN and health educator. Part-time personnel include a project director, project coordinator, community coordinator, and physician. Medical backup will be provided by Children's Hospital.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $200,000.00

Awarded on: 7/9/1987

Time frame: 8/1/1987 - 9/30/1989

Grant Number: 12515


New Detroit, Inc.

9026 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, 48202-1823

Gaylotta Murray
Project Director