Clinical Nurse Scholars Program - stipends

The Foundation's Clinical Nurse Scholars Program supports two-year, post-doctoral fellowships to prepare a cadre of nurse faculty for leadership in the care of hospital patients with serious illness and injuries.This university is one of three training sites for the Clinical Nurse Scholars Program with nine Scholars appointed annually, three at each site, for two years. The fellowships are tailored to individual interests of each Scholar and involve a team of preceptors from nursing, medicine, and management. At completion of Program, each Scholar will have acquired increased clinical competence in care of patients with complex problems; integrative and collaborative skills to improve medical and nursing outcomes for acutely ill patients; ability to provide useful consultation to nurses and physicians regarding nursing care of patients and nursing problems; experience in the conduct of credible clinical nursing research; an appreciation of the complexity of an administrative/management role in a hospital; and fulfillment of the Scholar's individual goals. Program graduates are expected to pursue careers in academic settings where they can serve as role models to their students.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $284,196.00

Awarded on: 7/9/1987

Time frame: 9/1/1987 - 8/31/1988

Grant Number: 11808


University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing

2 Koret Way, N-319X
UCSF Box 0602
San Francisco, 94143-0602