Camping program for health-impaired children: 1987-1988

Although the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation became a national philanthropy in 1972 and has operated on a national scale since then, it also has continued funding a limited number of local institutions and projects in the New Brunswick area and throughout New Jersey. It does so in part to honor the legacy of its founder, and in part to recognize the special responsibilities to the communities and the state in which it is located.The purpose of this effort is to expand and improve a summer camping program for children from low-income families in Middlesex County. Continued support of the Gateway Program which is designed for children with health problems and, to the extent possible, permits them to participate in the mainstream of the Camp's activities. Goals include: subsidy support for 110 children in 1987; preparation of a manual for counselors in the care of chronically ill or mentally disturbed children; slide/tape program to promote the Gateway concept at other camps; replication at two other sites; and intake assessments and follow-up through expanded nursing care. The Kiddie Keep Well Camp plans to expand their facility which will be used for arts and crafts during camping season and which could be used off season as catering space for income-producing meetings. A dental assessment, referral and follow-up program for all children and an off-season camping experience for senior citizens is also planned.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $162,450.00

Awarded on: 5/7/1987

Time frame: 6/1/1987 - 10/31/1988

Grant Number: 12074


Middlesex County Recreation Council (John E. Toolan Kiddie Keep Well Camp)

35 Roosevelt Drive
Edison, 08837-2333


Charles Shaughnessy
Project Director