Community-based adolescent health center project in central Indianapolis

The Foundation's Community Care Funding Partners Program is an eight-year matching grant program designed to encourage community and regional corporations and foundations to support small-scale local health centers serving the medically indigent.This project will provide health services for some 47,000 adolescents in the Indianapolis area. This area records the highest rates of poverty and unemployment in Marion County. Among the adolescent age group, the infant death rate is 25 percent above the rest of the County and the pregnancy rate 60 percent above. The health center will be staffed by the County Health Department. Needed hospital care and specialty backup will be provided by the county hospital, Wishard Memorial. This project will put in place a dependable source of care for a needy group whose health requirements would otherwise remain largely unattended.

Grant Details

Amount Awarded $395,847.00

Awarded on: 2/6/1987

Time frame: 3/1/1987 - 2/29/1992

Grant Number: 9351


Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County

3838 North Rural Street
Indianapolis, 46205-2930


Judith Warren
Project Director